Belin, 11 August

More than 10,000 people have been evacuated to temporary relief camps due to the floods that started in early August in Mon State, locals and rescue teams told Than Lwin Times.

Flooding has occurred in the Mon State townships of Belin, Kyaikto, and Kyaikmaraw, with Belin Township being the worst affected.

The flash floods in Belin have moved more than 10,000 people from nearly 2,000 households in the low-lying neighborhoods to 27 temporary relief camps.

However, a volunteer said that there are few donors for flood victims, there is an urgent need for food and drinking water.

Nine schools have been temporarily closed because of the flooding in Kyaikmaraw Township, and some locals are making their own arrangements instead of heading to the rescue camps.

More than 200 inhabitants were affected by the floods in Kyaikto Township’s low-lying areas, and three relief camps have been set up for them.

The Mawlamyine-Yangon highway and railway in Belin Township were temporarily closed due to flooding on August 9, but reopened on yesterday, said the residents.

The military council has been criticized for failing to offer help in the Mon state floods, and the Mon State’s Chief Minister, U Aung Kyi Thein has not paid any visits to flood victims.

News-Than Lwin Times


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