Kyauk Ta Gar, 11 August

Fighting has erupted near Thamin Inn Gon village in Bago Region’s Kyauk Ta Gar Township, leading to heavy casualties for junta troops, and resistance forces confiscated weapons and ammunition, according to the 2rd Division of Southern Military Region.  

The fighting began early on 9 August between the KNLA/PDF special commando unit and the junta army, which stormed Thamin Inngon village, killing more than 30 troops and injuring many more.

The military council’s invasion of Thamin Inngone village, which was dominated by revolutionary forces, intensified the fighting between the two sides, the spokesperson of 2rd Division of Southern Military Region.

The KNLA/PDF lost two KNLA comrades and a member of the PDF in the battle and confiscated 24 rifles, one mine detector, 11 ammunition boxes and several bullets.

There are frequent skirmishes between the advanced regime forces and the KNLA/PDF joint forces in Kyauk Ta Ga Township, Bago Region, and the junta launches artillery shells targeting the civilians, makes a series of arrests, and kills them, said the locals.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo-Social Media

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