Loikaw, 11 August

The Karenni State’s Interim Executive Council (IEC) has announced that seven departments will be formed to effectively carry out public service and safety in the state.

Among the departments that will be formed for the administrative mechanism are the Department of Education, Department of Health, Department of Humanitarian and Rehabilitation, Department of Home Affairs, Department of Defense and Security, Department of Women and Children Affairs and Department of Planning, Finance and Revenue.

The IEC announced on August 6 that it is working with relevant organizations to establish these seven Departments by the end of September.

However, U Banya, secretary of the Karenni State’s Interim Executive Council (IEC) told Than Lwin Times that they will make efforts to gain the public’s trust although there are some difficulties in running the administrative system amid the fighting.

He added that the IEC regularly coordinates with education and health experts, civil society organizations, academics, donors, revolutionary forces, Karenni State Consultative Council (KSCC) and National Unity Government (NUG) in order to run the administration. Then, financial and technical mutual support is already underway, with stronger communication and implementation between the Union and the state.

Political analyst U Than Soe Naing said that the formation of the Karenni State government during the revolution was the foundation of the establishment of Federal Union.

The IEC said all school-aged children will have access to education, basic health care will be available, and emergency food and humanitarian supplies will be delivered to the displaced as well as the local people under the administrative system of Karenni authorities.

In addition, the IEC said that it will continue to implement the Karenni State Police (KSP) under the Ministry of Home Affairs for the rule of law and order, and the security of people, the establishment of the judicial system and courts, and the State General Administration Department under its supervision.

The Karenni Interim Executive Council (IEC) was founded on June 6, this year, and it consists of six members, including the chairman.

Since the military coup, the junta had to relinquish many of the territory in Karenni State due to the opposition of the local revolutionary forces.

Two-thirds of the people of Karenni State has been living in shelters and refugee camps because of the fighting in more than two years of the military coup, according to the local organizations.

News-Than Lwin Times

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