Nyaunglaybin, 12 August

Five civilians were killed by regime troops that advanced towards the Kawthoolei area of Brigade 3, Nyaunglaybin District, in July, reported the Karen National Union on 11 August.

Nearly 100 clashes broke out between the KNLA/KNDO and at least 13 junta battalions in Brigade 3 area in July.

The junta troops arrested and tortured 24 people, killed two others for no reason, and burned three others to death, according to the statement.

During the fighting, the junta army fired more than 300 rounds of artillery into the villages, targeting civilians and injuring at least 20 people, including two students.

In addition, regime forces raided the villages and burned 44 houses, seven motorcycles, 16 barns, 23 firewood warehouses, and one generator, confiscating two lakhs of cash and one phone.

The battles claimed 166 junta soldiers, including a company commander, and injured 143 others, while the allied forces of KNLA Brigade 3 lost two comrades and two others sustained injuries, reported the KNU.

The joint forces of the KNLA seized 11 rifles, ammunition boxes, bullets, mortar rounds, and military equipment and destroyed five solar panels and three tents of military council in July.

News- Than Lwin Times


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