Mawlamyine, 15 August

Military Council’s Power Distribution Company begins to remove street lights installed by locals in Mon State’s Mawlamyine due to a loss of load.

The junta-controlled electricity provider said that residents in some of the wards installed street lights in the alleys without notifying the township municipality.

The electricity company announced in the second week of August that it would notify the relevant ward administrators to remove some street lights.

“After that directive was issued, the employees of the military council’s electricity distribution provider began to remove the street lights installed by the people themselves. Families are no longer safe,” said a resident.

People have installed street lights in neighborhoods and villages in Mawlamyine to make it easier for people to travel at night, ensure safety, and prevent robberies.

A resident said, “We are afraid of thieves and robbers because the street lights have been removed. We no longer feel safe in our own home and don’t dare to leave the house anymore”.

Mawlamyine’s Power Distribution Company announced that if people want to install meters for street lights in their neighborhoods, they need to contact the power company and the municipal office.

Mawlamyine residents, on the other hand, are facing more severe power outages in the rainy season than in the summer.

People are enduring high commodity prices and social issues as a result of severe power outages.

News- Than Lwin Times

Photo- Tharthanarnwe Social Media

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