Gangaw, 15 August

Pyusawhtee villages which are strong supporter of military in Magway region are suffering food and commodity shortages as their monk requested the junta to conduct area clearance operations.

These villages previously assisted by Bullet Hla Swe (a nicked name of former military officer and an MP of Union Solidarity and Development party) are located between Gangaw township of Magway region and Kalay township of Sagaing region.

The monks made the request on 8 August that over 7,000 households of Pyusawhtee families are facing various hardships.

“Over 10 villages of Pyusawhtee are facing shortage of food supplies. They cannot buy commodities even they have money in the stronghold area of people’s defence force, so they made the request to the military,” said a person who received the request letter of Pyusawhtee to Than Lwin Times.

Pyusawhtee people have to go for buying food supplies and commodities to Kalay township through the control areas of PDF who arrested them and confiscated their purchased items, said the letter.

Prices of commodities have skyrocketed, with K60,000 per gallon of fuel and K 40,000 per viss of sugar, as Pyusawhtee people have no access to the commodities over the six months ago. And that the request in the letter called for the military’s are clearance operation to end shortage of food supplies.

Ashin Eindawbhasa,  the monk-cum- leader of Pyusawhtee militia, asked the military to provide arms and ammunitions to 800 potential Pyusawhtee fighters at the villages between Gangaw and Kalay townships.

Analysts remarked that people in Myanmar are suffering various hardships due to wrong policies and mismanagement of the military after the coup, while the pro-military Pyusawhtee members have also lost protection from the regime.

News—Than Lwin Times

Photo—File photo of a monk-cum- pro-military militia Pyusawhtee

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