Two locals injured by junta shelling in Kyondoe


Kyondoe, 15 August

Artillery shelling of military forces into Karen Kyauk Phyar village in Kyondoe of the KNU Brigade 6 area wounded two locals, including a woman, reported the Karen National Union (KNU) on 14 August.

On 12 August morning, the military council’s Kyondoe-based Light Infantry Battalion 545 intentionally fired 120-mm mortar shells at villages where civilians live, resulting in an explosion in Karen Kyak Phyar village of KNU’s Dooplaya District.

A 53-year-old woman and a 69-year-old man from Karen Kyauk Phyar village were injured in the blast, and one house and a tractor were damaged, according to the statement.

On the same day, the Galon Column attacked the Kyondoe police station and the LIB 545 base, hurting three soldiers and damaging a vehicle, and the battalion commander of the LIB 545 was treated for severe head injuries.

According to the statement, two local residents of Karen Kyauk Phyar village, Kyondoe Township, were injured when the junta army retaliated with heavy weapons after being attacked by a drone.

The KNU reported that one civilian was killed and nine local residents, including children, were injured due to heavy weapons of junta forces in KNU’s Brigade 6, Dooplaya District in July.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: KNU


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