Sagaing, 20 August

Myanmar military, which had deployed troops on the front lines all over the country, has been indiscriminately attacking revolutionary forces in more than two and a half years since the coup, according to a report released by ISP-Myanmar on 18 August.

The report reveals the military’s diminishing strength, but the military council is still able to maintain its military advantage across the country with airstrikes, attacks with heavy weapons and cluster missiles, and strategic operations.

The report shows that the junta army does not distinguish between the combantants and civilian, causing more damage to villages and towns, and increasing civilian death tolls.

The regime troops are attacking civilians as military targets and committing more heinous crimes, said Ko Lwan Thu from the Sagaing region to Than Lwin Times.

The air raid on Pazigyi village, which murdered over 100 residents, including children, was so heinous that it was denounced by a number of international communities, including the United Nations.

According to the research organization ISP-Myanmar, almost 9,000 civilians have been killed and over 80,000 homes and buildings have been destroyed in the two years since the coup.

Ko Ye Thway Ni, a member of Kyaikto Revolutionary Force (KRF), said that the army fired indiscriminately into the village, where there were civilians almost every day. They killed three villagers in the raid on Hngat Pyaw Taw last month”.

Mon State’s Kyaikto, Thaton and Belin are resistance strongholds of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and People’s Defense Force (PDFs), the armed wing of KNU.

On the other hand, the National Unity Government (NUG) has set the year 2023 as the year that will end the revolution, and with only four months left until the end of the year, NUG’s Defense Minister U Yee Mon recently said that they will celebrate the victory of the revolution at the beginning of next year.

According to Ko Zeyar Lwin, in charge of 96 Soldiers – PDF, “During the extended six-month state of emergency, either the combined forces or the alliance should conduct more battles to capture the camps”.

There have been almost 10,000 fights around the country from the last coup until July of this year, and the townships where the fighting took place have rapidly expanded, reaching 211 townships this year.

According to ISP-Myanmar, the number of skirmishes between the junta army and the People’s Defense Forces/ Local Defense Forces (PDFs/LDFs) has grown this year, as have cooperative operations involving EAOs and PDFs.

News-Than Lwin Times


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