Loikaw, 2 August

Local people’s defence forces Karenni state said to Than Lwin Times that fighting against military troops is taking place along the Union Highway which is a major route linking Loikaw-Demoso and Phruso townships.

Since early August, the conflicts are taking place near Demoso township as the military is trying to recontrol Mae Sae hill near Thai border.

“Armed clashes mainly occur on the Union highway between Demoso and Phruso as the military is attempting to get back their control on this way  to deliver supplies to their troops,” said a Demoso PDF officer to Than Lwin Times.

This highway is a major border trade route between Karenni and Thailand.

The military is using missiles, tanks, rocket launcher vehicles and 500-pound bombs from jet fighters to be able to control this highway.

Although the military is using excessive forces, their causalities are getting high, said the reports of people’s defence forces.

A deputy commander from Brigade 55 of the military was killed in the battle on 10 August, and a captain was shot dead on 12 Augut.

 This Union highway was first constructed by NLD government, and was completed in 2020.

News: Than Lwin Times

 Photo—KNDF (Seizure of military’s arms and ammunitions)

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