Former resistance member turns into military informant in central Myanmar


Myaing, 23 August

A former people’s defence team in Myaine township who defected to the   junta regime has turned into an informant, telling the locations of resistance force in Pakukko district to the military.

Tet Tue recently stole the gun of Myaine PDT and joined the military council.

 “We got information from our sources that he betrayed secrets of locations of resistance forces. So, our forces need to remove to safer places,” said an official of Myaine PDT.

Tet Tue also gave information to the military about in-charge and deputy in-charge of people’s defence teams who are living in Ywathitkone and Myatheintan villages, as well as PDF camps in nearby areas.

Myaine PDT has alerted its members to leave their camp immediately as the military would conduct airstrikes on these camps after the defector’s tip-off.

People’s in nearby villages have been warned to take temporary shelters in forests and to maintain vigilance against possible aerial attack of the military.

More than seven resistance members in Pakokku district have defected to the military, and most of them joined the regime due to their financial hardships.

Myaine township is linked with Pale, Salingyi, Pauk, Pakokku and Yesagyo townships.

 News—Than Lwin Times

Photo—Myine (PDO)


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