“It cannot be definitely said that NCA has been invalid. Internal conflict is intensifying due to armed resistance,” Lt-Col Oum Khur, spokesperson of RCSS


The Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) held its bi-annual meeting at its headquarters in Loi Tai Leng from 18 to 20 August, and  released its standpoint and a five-point statement on the prevailing politic crisis of Myanmar after the meeting.

This interview with Lt-Col Oum Khur, the spokesperson of RCSS is about the standpoint of RCSS in this political landscape, future plan and its policy on NCA.

TLT: What are the discussions about current political crisis during the three-day biannual meeting of RCSS?

Lt-Col Oum Khur: We did not emphasize this issue at the meeting. However, as it was a regular biannual meeting, participants had the view that the political crisis should be solved through dialogue.

TLT: KNU recently remarked that NCA has dissolved, and what is the view of RCSS on this remark?

Lt-Col Oum Khur: I don’t want to give remark on the attitude of non-signatories of NCA. As we are a signatory of NCA, we prefer ‘dialogue’ as it is also one of the provisions in the peace-making agreement.

 TLT: NCA has specified to protect civilians. However, causality of civilians is at an alarming rate. Is it violating NCA? What do you think?

Lt-Col Oum Khur: Of course. NCA defined not to use arms power among signatories despite complications in politics. It also includes dialogue and protecting civilians. We are trying to materialize these provisions, and the signatories are not fully abided by these agreements. We will implement it, and have of the view that dialogue is the best option.

TLT: Will RCSS continue dialogue with the military council?

Lt-Col Oum Khur: We will discuss with the military council on suitable issues. Negotiation is the best mean to solve political crisis.

TLT: What is the view of RCSS on the ongoing political crisis? Could you discuss possible scenario?

Lt-Col Oum Khur: Option for armed struggle has fueled internal conflicts. So, we prefer dialogue than armed struggle. We are concerned about devastations across the country.  And we propose dialogue as armed conflicts will worsen all the situations of country.

   TLT: What is your concluding remark?

Lt-Col Oum Khur: At any circumstance in politics, we prefer dialogue in considering the interest of people not to hurt them.


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