Yebyu, 23 August

Nearly 200 houses were destroyed, and 17 of them were burned, during the junta raid into Yebyu Township, Tanintharyi Region, between August 8 and 18, according to the Yebyu People’s Defense Force.

A column of nearly 200 men marched village by village from Dawei deep sea port to the villages of Yebyu Township.

During the military operation, they were raided and destroyed, and burned.

The regime troops ransacked nearly 200 houses in the villages of Ekani, Khamauk Chaung, and Wazun Taw and carried out destruction and arson attacks.

Worst of all, nearly 170 homes were destroyed and 14 homes were set ablaze in Ekani village alone, according to the spokesperson of the Yebyu People’s Defense Forces.

A total of 14 civilians: two women from Wazun Taw village, one monk and one man from Ekani village, four local residents at the Yat Taw Mu Pagoda intersection in Yebyu town, and eight civilians were shot and injured during the military patrol.

More than 4,000 residents fled from more than 10 villages, including Ekani, Wazu Taw, Khamaukk Chaung, Yange, and Htein Gyi villages due to the junta raid, said locals.

In Tanintharyi, at least 36,000 local residents fled their homes due to clashes between the junta army and the local resistance forces in July, according to local research organizations.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: CJ

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