Residents from 11 villages fleeing junta shelling in KNU’s Mone township


Mone, 23 August

The military council’s continuous firing of heavy weapons and drones into Mone Township of KNU Brigade 3, caused the residents of 11 villages to flee., reported KNU on 22 August.

The Light Infantry Battalions 307 and 439 based in Moan Township have been continuously firing heavy weapons into Thit Phyu Seik and Latat Kyi villages since August 19 when there was no fighting.

The artillery shelling and drone attacks of the junta troops forced the residents of 11 villages, including the villages of Naung Bo, Latat Gyi, Thitbyuseik, ZaloteKyi, Hlay Doe, Thanat Kwin and Nyaung Chay Dauk, to take refuge on the eastern parts of the Sittaung River.

Daw Aye Win, 42, and Daw Khin Nyo, 56, both from Latat Kyi village, were injured by heavy artillery fire targeted at civilians by junta forces.

On the same day, LIB 599 abducted five residents of Nga Htwe Soke village who had come to Mone to do the shopping, the statement said.

According to local people, the family members of the five local residents are concerned about their lives because they have not yet been released.

The military council arrested 20 locals who went to buy food in Nyaunglaybin and Kyauktada Towns in July, freed only two, and imprisoned 18 others for six months for various reasons, reported the KNU.

News-Than Lwin Times



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