Kyondoe, 23 August

One civilian was killed when the junta launched artillery shells into Taung Kyar Inn village in Karen State’s Kyondoe Township, reported KNU- Dooplaya District on 22 August.

The combined force of KNDO launched a drone strike on junta forces near the Taung Kyar Inn Bridge in Kyondoe Township around 12 p.m. on 19 August.

The suffering regime troops fired back at least ten mortar shells towards Taung Kyar Inn village.

According to the KNU, 50-year-old Man Myint Kyaw was hit by shrapnel and died on the spot, and three houses were also damaged.

Two people, including one military officer, were killed and six others were injured in the drone attack, according to the statement.

Captain Aung Kaung Man was killed and four others injured in an attack on junta troops stationed near Taung Kyar Inn school on August 18.

After that, the shell fired by the military council exploded in Taung Talar village of Kyondoe Township, injuring four cows owned by Daw Moo Tunt Hlaing, according to KNU.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: Dooplaya District: Information Team

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