More than 20 residents arrested as human shields in Dawei, Thayet Chaung


Dawei, 24 August

The junta forces arrested 20 locals as human shields after invading the eastern Dawei and Taung Pyauk areas in Thayet Chaung in Tanintharyi Region, resistance forces told Than Lwin Times.

Nearly 100 soldiers raided villages in Taung Pyauk area since 21 August.

The junta column kept more than 20 local people from the villages along the route of their march to be used as human shields and was stationed in Win Ka Phaw village.

On 23 August morning, the convoy left Win Ka Phaw village with the detainees towards Byat Wi Thar village, said a member of resistance fighter.

On 20 August, the invaded military forces reportedly took three local people from Yammazu, Wakon and Thayat Ngote villages as human shields in eastern Dawei.

More than 20 local people who were arrested by the army as human shields have not been released even after 3 days, and the family members are worried about their lives, local residents said.

Thousands of local residents from more than 10 villages have been forced to flee their homes due to the military council’s military invasion into eastern Dawei and Taung Pyauk areas, and they have not dared to go home until now.

Since the coup, the military has been continuously arresting, torturing, and killing people, arresting them to be used as human shields, and burning the homes of local residents during the fighting, according to a local research organization.

News-Than Lwin Times



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