Htigyaing, 30 August

 Military devices were confiscated, along with household belongings of a military officer who was transferred for  his duty station from Loikaw to Tanai township. 

The report of NUG said that the joint forces of No. 1 Military Command of People’s Defence Force in Kathar district and People’s Defence Organization in Htigyaing found the items of Brigadier General Myat Min Moe on a truck.

The confiscated items included 70 military uniforms, 456 bullets, 5 grenades, one 12-wheeled car, 2 SkyNet setup boxes, 150 bags of fertilizers, 1 Sonny camera, 1 Fax machine, 1 small size jammer and 1 big size jummer, 2 PC computers, 4 TYT telecom devices, 4 inverters, 1 set of military equipment, 3 military boots, 6 medals, 2 televisions sets, 1 gluing machine and 2 cartridges.

The military council has not published it.

Photo: Than Lwin Times

Photo: MoD

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