Mon State faces medicine shortages


Mawlamyine, 30 August

The majority of medicinal products in Mon State are in short supply as the cost of medicines imported from abroad has gone up, pharmacy owners and doctors told Than Lwin Times.

Due to the increase in the value of the dollar after the issuance of 20,000-kyat banknotes by the military council and difficulties in importing medicine, the prices of medical supplies that are imported from abroad have increased exponentially, resulting in a shortage of supplies.

Prices for medicinal products soared by about 35% in August, and some pharmaceutical enterprises closed their doors.

According to a pharmacy owner, the military council’s restrictions on pharmaceutical imports have resulted in a shortage of almost all other medical supplies on the market, with the exception of stimulants.

In addition, drug companies only sell drugs to pharmacies on a quota system, so the demand for drugs is high, he added.

A doctor also said that patients are being treated only with available medicine, and if there is a continued shortage of medicine, the lives of patients are at risk.

Pharmaceuticals in Mon State imported from overseas are distributed in the market through Yangon, but there are also imports from Thailand, however, it is difficult to import pharmaceuticals due to restrictions on travel.

Under these conditions, there is less stock of medicine in companies, and the military council has tightened its permission to import medicine, which may have a significant impact on the medicine market, according to medical suppliers.

Myanmar mostly imports medicines and related products from Thailand, China, and India, and drug shortages were common during the military coup.

News-Than Lwin Times



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