Dawei, 1 September

Myanmar’s military council has tightened restrictions on rice transport in eastern Dawei of Tanintharyi Region, resulting in a shortage of rice, locals told Than Lwin Times.

The regime has restricted the transportation of pharmaceuticals, including rice, to the resistance stronghold of the eastern Dawei region since the beginning of this year, and now the transportation of rice has also been banned.

The military troops are stationed at the checkpoints in Byaw Taw Wa, 8th Mile, Pakaryi, and Kyauk Me Taung along the access routes to eastern Dawei and confiscate rice if found.

Locals say that the price of a bag of lower quality rice, Emahta, in the eastern Dawei area has increased from 70,000 kyats to more than 100,000 kyats after the restriction on carrying rice.

Furthermore, due to the spike in rice prices, locals are finding it difficult to purchase rice, and in the long run, they will face significant rice shortages.

According to local research groups, the military council’s restrictions on the transport of rice and medicines in Tanintharyi Region may make it more difficult for locals to cope with high commodity prices.

Among the military council’s restrictions, nearly 40,000 people fleeing the conflict are in urgent need of rice, food, and medical aid.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: CJ

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