Civilian casualties in KNU’s Nyaunglaybin District raises concern


Nyaunglaybin, 1 September

There has been an alarming escalation of civilian casualties caused by artillery shelling and airstrikes by regime forces in KNU Brigade 3 of Nyaunglaybin District, according to KNU and Karen civil society organizations.

The junta army conducted mortar shelling, airstrikes, and drone attacks into villages and farms in Shwe Kyin, Mone, and Kyaukkyi Townships in Nyaunglaybin District on a daily basis.

According to the data compiled by Than Lwin Times, at least five people, including children and women, were killed and more than 20 civilians were injured in the two weeks from 18 to 31 August.

Meanwhile, regime forces’ targeted attacks on civilians destroyed nearly 40 residential buildings, including a Christian church, and forced thousands of people to flee.

According to the KHRG, civilian casualties in the KNU’s Nyaunglaybin District are the worst, and the KHRG has called on the international community to sanction the junta army in a variety of ways.

The regime forces’ firing and arrests of civilians have caused worry and insecurity among residents.

Many civilians have fled the attacks and are in urgent need of humanitarian aid, according to Karen social organizations.

In addition, the junta army also arrested five civilians in Mone Township of Nyaunglaybin District and sent them to Light Infantry Battalion 599. In July, 20 civilians were arrested, and 18 of them were sentenced to six months in prison, according to KNU’s statements.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: KNU


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