Nyaunglaybin, 3 September

The Karen National Union (KNU) reported on 2 September that 15 soldiers were killed in the raid on junta’s Thit Cha Seik camp in Mone Township of KNU-controlled Nyaunglaybin District.

The Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) launched an attack on the Thit Cha Seik camp around 5:00 a.m. on 31 August and captured it at 5:30 p.m. on 1 September.

Infantry Battalions 439 and 60, and Light Infantry Battalions 350 and 351 of the junta army are stationed in the Thit Cha Seik camp.

The KNLA captured a total of 19 small arms, including two commando rifles and one machine gun, and lost two comrades, according to the statement.

According to the KNU, junta troops in Thit Cha Seik camp were interrogating travelers, often firing heavy weapons into local people’s workplaces and villages, using the public as a cover to build a camp, and abusing the people.

The junta army took up positions not only in the camp but also in people’s homes, schools, and hospitals, and their battalions also launched mortar shells using airstrikes. The KNLA have struggled to take control of the camp.

During the raid on the camp, the airstrikes by the military council forced more than 5,600 people from the nearby villages of Thit Cha Seik, Phoe Thaw Su, Taingpin, Ohnchit Khin, Nga Lauk Taike, Myatye Karen Ywa, and Myat Ye Bamar Ywar to flee to safety, according to the KNU statement.

News-Than Lwin Times


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