Mawlamyine, 4 September

A total of 15,000 have joined civil disobedience movement over the past two years after miliary coup, according to the report of National Unity Government.

NUG has issued CDM codes to some of them, and the process is being made for some others.

 About 500 police and soldiers are serving defense duties at ethnic armed groups fighting against military council.

Due to increasing causalities, the number of   soldiers who fled from the army is higher than those who joined CDM, said U Maung Maung Swe, the spokesperson of Ministry of Defence under the NUG.

He also said that NUG is welcoming CDMers since September 2021, and providing each of them with baht 1,000 per month and additional financial support depending on the number of their family members,  in addition to the supports for healthcare, education and temporary settlements in liberated areas.

NUG officials said that an event will be organized to honour CDM soldiers who are fighting against the military.

As the military council has lost its chain of command in battles across the country and oppressed its soldiers more and more, observers concluded more soldiers are expected to join civil disobedient movement.

News—Than Lwin Times

Photo—Defection of a soldier  with his gun (KNU)

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