Anti-military students in Yangon conduct campaign to boycott products of military businesses


Yangon, 8 September

Anti-military students conducted a campaign in Dagon University, Yangon,  to boycott products from military business on 7 September.

 They used stickers and photos in the university campus not to consume beverage and eight brands of cigarette.

“We carried out campaign in collaboration with anti-military students. This is an awareness to other students to join the campaign,” said a student who took part in the campaign.

He also urged the students to prove their protest against the military although they have to attend university unavoidably.

 Resistance forces are carrying out campaigns against military’s business products Myanmar Beer, Andaman Gold Beer, Dagon Beer, Mandalay Beer/Rum, Black Shielf Stout Beer, Army Rum, Red Ruby cigarette, and Premium Gold cigarette.

A similar campaign was also carried out in University of West Yangon on 6 September.

News—Than Lwin Time



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