Myanmar military council call ASEAN not to interfere in internal affairs


Nay Pyi Taw, 8 September

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the military council rejected ASEAN member states to strictly adhere to the provisions and fundamental principles of the ASEAN Charter, especially non-interference in the internal affairs of the member states.

MoFA’s  statement on 5 September  saidthat the contents of “the ASEAN Leaders’ Review and Decision on the Implementation of the five-point consensus,” as the reviews are not objective and decisions are bias and one-sided.

ASEAN leaders concluded on 5 September that Myanmar military council failed to implement the so-called five-point consensus to end the crisis.

 Military council’s MoFA said that Myanmar was not represented at the 43rd ASEAN Summit as Myanmar’s rights for equal representation was denied contradicting Article 5 of the ASEAN Charter on “Rights and Obligations”.

The statement also includes although Indonesia, the rotating chair of ASEAN, consulted Myanmar on the draft document, the views and voices of Myanmar are not taken into account.

 News—Than Lwin Times



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