Nyaunglaybin, 10 September

The southeastern regions of Myanmar are seeing an increase in the number of violent attacks on education by the military regime year by year, according to the Karen Human Rights Organization (KHRG).

The KHRG said in a statement for ” International Day to Protect Education from Attack” on September 9,  that it strongly condemns the military council’s targeted actions against schools as a military tactic.

Since the military coup in 2021, the KHRG has documented over 24 attacks that have damaged or destroyed over 37 education-related buildings, with many more likely unaccounted for.

Furthermore, the military council’s violent attacks on education have been worsening year by year, with attacks on schools in southeastern Myanmar totaling more than the two years of 2021 and 2022 combined, according to the statement.

Airstrikes and artillery shelling on schools by the junta army killed 48 children, including students, and injured more than 100, said Saw Nanda Suu, the organizer of KHRG.

Despite the deaths of children in violent attacks, the military council has shown no concern or accountability for the damage and loss caused by the attacks on education, and the ongoing attacks on education have caused a deep sense of fear among students, teachers, and parents, according to KHRG.

The KHRG called for international and regional officials to prevent the military council from further attacks on civilians, and welcomed the criminal complaints in Germany and the new Western sanctions against the military regime.

Moreover, the KHRG called upon neighboring countries to allow cross-border aid to community-based organizations and civil society organizations and urged the UN and countries with universal jurisdiction to hold the military council accountable for their crimes against humanity and the infringement of the rights of the children.

News-Than Lwin Times


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