Mese, 13 September

Residents of Mae Se Township, Kayah State, who have sought refuge in Thailand because of the conflict are being repatriated by Thai authorities, the aid workers told Than Lwin Times.

In June, more than 5,000 Mese residents fled to Thailand’s Mae Hong Son district due to fighting between the junta army and the Karenni resistance force.

Among them, more than 6,000 military deserters were repatriated for the first time by the Thai authorities in the first week of September.

The majority of those IDPs were forced to return home by Thai authorities, and just a few returned willingly.

U Banyar, secretary-2 of the Karenni State Interim Administrative Council, said, “Most of those repatriated are middle-aged. The men were returned first, followed by the women and children”.

According to reports, the displaced people have yet to return to their home town, instead seeking refuge in the Mese refugee camp on the Thai-Kayah border.

On the other hand, the military council is constantly conducting ground operations and airstrikes to recapture the relinquished Mese camp, raising concern among the displaced.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: Thai PBS

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