Military blocks commodity flow into Saw township


Saw, 14 September

Military troops are blocking vehicles not to enter Saw township, Magway region, and that commodity flow has been suspended in this area.

Locals said to Than Lwin Times that the blockage of vehicles from Seikphyu to Saw was started on 11 September, resulting in higher commodity prices in the town.

“Cars going out Saw are allowed. The reason of blockage remains unknown. Commodity prices are getting high,” said a local.

Military troops receive around 500,000 kyat every day from the cars entering Saw township at the Kanzun checkpoint, and that they would not block the cars a long time, said a PDF member to Than Lwin Times.

He continued to say, “They will not block the cars entering into the town as each of their checkpoint receives at least 500,000 kyat each day from these cars.”

Armed clashes are escalating in Saw township since first week of this month.

 News—Than Lwin Times

Photo—CJ (People Defence Force-Saw Township)


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