Hpapun district’s KNU calls for international action against Myanmar military treating civilians as enemy


Hpapun, 15 September

The KNU’s Executive Committee in Hpapun district issued a statement demanding that international communities and organizations, including the United Nations (UN), to take action against the military council as quickly as possible for intentionally shooting and killing civilians like enemies.

On 13 September, the KNU Brigade 5 of Hpapun district announced its opposition to the military council’s use of fighter jets and heavy weapons in villages and areas where villagers live.

After the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) took the military council’s Sar Law Kyo Khaypu camp in the Hpapun district on 6 September, the junta forces targeted civilians and conducted aerial bombings on villages on 7 September.

The bombing killed four people, including a school committee member and a student, and injured six others, including a teacher and students.

Whenever the regime forces fight with other revolutionary forces, including the ethnic armed forces, they often fire heavy weapons into the villages where the people live and farm and conduct aerial assaults, KNU’s Hpapun district said.

After losing Sar Law Kyo Khaypu camp, the junta’s jet fighters strafed the villages where KNU/KNLA offices and buildings are not located, the statement said.

On 11September, the KNU’s Central Committee called on the international community to expand sanctions against the military council, which has been brazenly committing war crimes by targeting the civilian population in Hpapun district, in more effective and practical ways.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo- KNU


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