Junta  commander among 10 killed in Kyainseikgyi battle


Kyainseikgyi, 19 September

At least 10 military personnel, including a battalion commander and company commanders, were killed in the clashes that broke out in Kale Tagondaing village of Kyainseikgyi Township, Karen State, according to the statement of the Red Dragon Column released on 18 September.

Since September 14, fighting has erupted between the combined forces of the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and junta troops that invaded Kale Tagondaing village of KNU Brigade 6 area.

The junta army retreated after suffering heavy losses on the first day of the battle while military council’s Mi-35 helicopter strafed the village for over 25 minutes and the junta outpost based in Ah Bit village backed his troops using 122-mm howitzers.

A lieutenant colonel of the military regime was killed by a sniper fired by the Red Dragon Column, and at least 10 people, including the BGF company commander, were killed and seven others were wounded in the Khale Tagondaing battle.

The statement also said that a comrade from the Red Dragon column had to sacrifice his life for the country.

On the morning of 18 September, fighting continued between the two rival forces in Kale Tagondaing village, said the residents.

More than 15,000 local residents are currently displaced due to the ongoing fighting in the Khle Takkhon Tay village, and they are in need of accommodation and shelter due to the continuous rains and the flow of water from the mountains. The lack of specific displaced camp has caused them to face many difficulties, according to the statement.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo- Red Dragon Column


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