Minkin, 21 September

Nearly 30 dead bodies were recovered from a boat that sunk in Chindwin river on 19 September.

The incident occurred near Panset village of Minkin township, Sagaing region, around 9 am after the boat hit a rock in the river, said the locals to Than Lwin Times.

The boat was one of the 13 military junta’s supply vessels carrying jade and other valuable items from Khamti township.

“Passengers on board were local university students, family members of pro-military Pyusawhtee militia and Non-CDMs. The overweight boat hit the rock and then sunk. About 30 dead bodies have been recovered until now,” said a local.

However, the military media reported that the boat sunk after it foundered in a whirlpool in the river.

In addition to military soldiers, over 100 civilians were onboard in the incident. Five locals were rescued live, and many are still missing. The remaining 12 vessels have been anchored due to this incident.

News—Than Lwin Times

Photo—Social Media

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