Non-military officials of junta regime has been making campaigns in ethnic areas since the second week of September. These officials held meetings with civil service staff, town elders, businesspersons, civil society organizations and locals and urged to take part in peace-making efforts, rule of law, stability and organizing general elections.

  This interview with U Pe Than, a veteran politicans, is about these campaigns, possible consequences and ongoing political situations.

TLT: What is your view on the campaign of non-military officials of junta regime in ethnic areas?

U Pe Than: It is their countercampaign to the public, with saying the lack of peace, stability and rule of law as these areas have seen civilian arrests, killing, bombardment and heavy weapon shelling.

Although they need to grant ethnic people for their democratic rights, they failed to do it before armed conflicts are broking out. It has been too late.

TLT: What will be the impacts of these campaigns?

U Pe Than: While the junta is solving political problem with military power, their attampts on peace, stability and development will not be successful. Loss of human rights, inequality, development gap between the mainland and ethnic areas are occuring in the country. Peace will be restored only if the military could fulfil demand of ethnic people for their soverignity, self-ruling and federal system. However, the junta regime is solving politics with ‘battles’, while they are appeasing people with development programmes, healthcare sector and education plans.

TLT: What is your conculding remark on the ongoing political crisis?

U Pe Than: Ethnic armed organizations have realized their rights. They could not be persuaded through small development plans as they have sacrificed their lives for their people. They need federal system and democratic rights. The military need to leave political role and must solve these issues. Otherwise, they could not address difficulties of people through their campaigns.

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