KNU administration begins in Phayathonesu town of Karen state


Phayathonesu, 23 September

The administration of Karen National Union has started in Phayathonesu town of Karen state after the ruling military council is no more effective in this area.

Locals in Phayathonesu said to Than Lwin Times that the KNU is taking the roles in administration and judiciary sector of the Myanmar-Thai border town, and the military do not intervene in these sectors.

“The KNU has appointed their local administrator for executive and judiciary sectors in line with their procedures. Criminal cases are solved in line with KNU law. Although there are government departments and officials are still in the town, they do not intervene in the ruling of KNU  and both sides avoid conflicts not to impact civilians.  The four main organizations are taking management role in the town without intervention of military that does not go out residential areas for nearly two years,” said a local.

Armed groups in Phayathonesu town are KNU, KNLA, military council, border guard force and NCA signatories NMSP, DKBA, and KNU/KNLA PC.

 A battalion of military and a police station remain in the town, while BGF and DKBA are at  the entrance checkpoints of the town, and the military council, BGF, KNLA and some other armed groups are operating at the border checkpoints between Myanmar and Thailand.

“DKBA and PC are taking part in security  enforcement in Phayathonesu. The BGF is mainly for security with the assistance of other armed groups. KNU is controlling security of the town. So, the military does not involve in these issues. There is no more administration mechanism in the town, and no township administration officer,” said a local.

Padho Saw Tar Nee, the spokesperson of KNU, said that the administrative mechanism of military council is failing in Phayathonesu, and the KNU is handling administrative and judiciary sectors at the request of public due to increasing cases of crime.

Phayathonesu is located in Brigade 6 of Dupalar district of KNU control area in Kyainseikkyi township, Karen state, and it is included in list of military council’s martial law in February 2023. Clashes frequently occurred between the KNLA and the military council in this area.

In addition to Phayathonesu, the administrative mechanism of  military council has failed, while some other towns have seen lesser effectiveness of miliary council.

News—Than Lwin Times

Photo—Social Media


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