Kanpalet, 30 September

The Chin Defence Force-Kanpetlet raised their flag and Chin state flag at the entrance  of Kanpetlet township, China state, where the administration of miliary council has totally stopped.

The flags were hoisted on 28 September after the CDF-Kanpetlet raided office of General Administration Office and the office of  Township Education Officer where military troops were stationed on 27 September.

 The military council could not function their administration in Kanpetlet, and soldiers were stationed at the departmental offices without going outside.

Since the armed conflicts have begun in Kanpetlet, 80 percent of population have fled their homes.

 As the local resistance forces are trying to control the entire town, they have warned civilians to stay away from junta soldiers.

 News—Than Lwin Times

Photo–  CDF-Kanpelet

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