Mawlamyine, 7 October

With the decline in the number of forces due to the People’s Resistance War, the demoralized junta soldiers did not want to go to the front lines to fight, and they began to fail to obey orders, said the CDM community.

The junta army suffers heavy losses in every battle with the revolutionary forces; thus, most soldiers refuse to go to the front lines, and disobedience to orders is on the rise.

CDM Captain Htet Myat told Than Lwin Times, “Since the coup, the soldiers have disobeyed direct orders and bribed senior officers to prevent them from being sent to the front line.”

Currently, the junta army is fighting fierce battles with the joint revolutionary forces in Sagaing, Magwe, and Tanintharyi regions, including Kachin, Kayah, Shan, Karen, and Chin states.

Regime soldiers who were sent to the front lines surrendered during the battle or deserted the army, and some of them took action.

CDM Sergeant Zeya from the Air Force, said, “Because the military leaders themselves are making mistakes, it is possible that junior soldiers are no longer willing to obey orders.”

In order to control the growing problem of disobedience and desertion, the military council has been instructed to monitor each other and report daily activities to the relevant chiefs.

In addition, the military council barred soldiers from attending school and taking exams, and for security reasons, soldiers were not allowed to go outside alone, special sources said.

Ko Myo Myint Aung, who is in charge of the Mother’s Embrace, which assists the civil servants in joining CDM, told Than Lwin Taim that the military council did not take any serious action against the disobedient soldiers.

However, the military council has taken severe measures against military officers, including division commanders and battalion commanders, who disobey orders to go front lines, and some have been sentenced to long prison terms, as well as the death penalty.

At the end of last year, the military council arrested and prosecuted interim battalion commander Lt. Col. Pyae Phyo Maung from Light Infantry Battalion (403), Major Than Naing Aye, and Major Naing Naing Zaw Zaw, who were assigned to the front lines of Karen State, for disobeying orders and refusing to fight.

According to CDM captains, there were several such events in Kachin State, Tanintharyi Region, Chin State and Kayah State, Sagaing Region, and Magwe Region, but the military council hid the information to prevent army insurrection.

The National Unity Government (NUG) announced on September 7 that more than 13,000 military personnel and policemen joined the Civil Disobedient Movement (CDM) because they did not want to continue serving under the military council following the coup.

News – Salwin Times

Photo: MOI

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