Tanintharyi, 7 October

The prison camp near Htonkhar village in Tanintharyi Region was under attack, killing three military personnel and injuring five others, according to the Kawthoolei column.

The combined forces of Kawthoolei Army (KTLA), Battalion 4 of Htee Samae village, and Peacock Special Column carried out the attack on Htonkhar prison camp around 9 p.m. on October 5.

After the attack on the prison camp, the two sides fought for almost an hour, with the junta suffering losses.

The KTLA-TCJF force’s information officer, Ko Sai Nyi told Than Lwin Times that they attacked the camp after receiving reports that nearly 80 military council members were present.

The joint forces targeted and destroyed three military outposts in the prison camp, he said.

Sin Phyu Shin 4, a police prison camp, was guarded by Yephyu Military Strategy and No. 558 Infantry Battalion.

In May last year, the revolutionary joint forces attacked Htonkhar prison camp, and some junta forces and prison staff were injured.

News: Than Lwin Times

Photo: Social Media

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