Bago, 10 October

 Heavy rain has caused severe flooding in Bago city, and over 10,000 people have been evacuated to safer place.

Locals and rescue teams said that riverine flooding occurred in Bago city due to heavy rain on 7 October night, and it was worsened by the water released from Zaungtu dam after it had the water above critical level.

 “Flood becomes more severe due to the water released from Zaungtu dam and the flash flood from the river. The water level reached about 12 ft high at lower area and 2 ft at higher ground. The whole city is experiencing severe flood,” said a member of local humanitarian group to Than Lwin Times.

A total of 29 rescue camps have been established in the town.

Communication of MPT operator was suspended as its tower collapsed in Shwehle village on the outer ring road of the city.

 The flood has reached over 1004 centimeter high although its critical level is 800 centimeter in the town, exceeding by  120  centimeter.

Local rescue teams said emergency relief items, food and water,  as well as motorboats for rescue teams.

News—Than Lwin Times


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