Mawlamyine, 11 October

Mung Lai Hka IDP village near Laiza, Kachin state , was bombarded by the military council, and the National Unity Government has strongly condemned this inhumane crime against humanity and war crime by the military.

 At least 30 people, including children, were killed in the attack of military on the IDP village around 11 pm on 9 October.

NUG pledged in its statement to stand together with the people of Kachin, and to work together to their ability restore justice for all those affected.

 The statement also said that the rescue and recovery efforts are currently ongoing, and these numbers may increase.

 The attack also left destruction of one kindergarten, one school, one church and many civilian houses.

The statement includes the deliberate and targeted attack by the terrorist military council on civilians fleeing conflict constitutes a blatant crime against humanity and war crime.

NUG also accused the military of taking advantage of the moment of international community’s attention to the Israel-Hamas conflicts, and urged the international community to take timely and strong actions against ‘terrorist’ military council in accordance with the UN resolution 2669 for their crimes against humanity, and to cooperate with the people of Myanmar to effectively prevent similar atrocities in Myanmar.

The dead bodies of victims in the bombardment were buried on 10 October afternoon. 

News—Than Lwin Times

Photo—The Kachin Net

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