Bago, 11 October

Aid groups are seeking permission from the junta administrative bodies to help flood-affected people in Bago City, Bago Region, and are also facing threats, a rescue worker who does not wish to be named told Than Lwin Times.

With the record-breaking rainfall in Bago City in 60 years, dams and reservoirs overflowed and unleashed excess water, causing flooding around the city since October 8.

According to the social relief groups from various regions and states, they have to request permission from the military council to help the flood victims, and they can help only after receiving the permission.

All the relief groups were inspected by the military council for security reasons, along with the teams’ name list, and they were threatened if they helped victims without informing the junta.

The military council instructed social relief organizations to carry out rescue operations only after submitting a mandatory list of names at the relief camp.

At the moment, at least 22 temporary rescue camps have been established in Bago City for flood-affected individuals, with over 30,000 flood victims sheltering there and 40,000 locals relocated to safer areas, according to rescue teams.

People have remained trapped in residences in Bago City’s 8th Ward as a result of the flood, and the rescue operation was still ongoing till October 10.

At least 34 schools in Bago have been temporarily shut down due to flooding, and flood-affected residents require basic food, including drinking water.

Local and foreign groups had to wait for permission from the military council in May to help Rakhine State, which had been devastated by the fierce Mokha Cyclone, and international organizations were not allowed to go to the ground to offer assistance.

News-Than Lwin Times


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