Kawthoolei, 15 October

More than 700,000 people have left their homes in the Kawthoolei administrative area, and many of them need immediate humanitarian aid, reported the Karen National Union (KNU) on October 14.

According to the statement, as of October this year, the number of IDPs has reached more than 700,000 due to the human rights violations of the military council and the fighting between the junta army and the KNLA joint forces in the districts of Thaton, Taungoo, Nyaunglaybin, Myeik-Dawei, Hpapon and Dooplaya.

Nyaunglaybin District had the highest number of IDPs, with over 240,000, followed by Thaton District with 140,000 and Dooplaya District with almost 130,000.

According to the KNU, displaced persons in the KNU area face acute shortages of food, shelter, and medical supplies.

The KNU has provided basic food and other necessities worth nearly 9 million Thai baht to more than 200,000 displaced people, but there are still many people who have not received enough support, the KNU said.

The KNU has reported that the military council has stepped up its military activities at the beginning of this year and that the IDPs are in dire need of urgent humanitarian assistance due to the junta’s human rights violations.

News: Than Lwin Times

Photo: KNU

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