3-year-old child and mother injured in Magway explosion


Pwintphyu, 18 October

Explosion of heavy weapon shelling near Revenue Office in Pwintphyu township, Magway region, injured a mother and his 3-year-old child on 15October.

The incident of three explosions occurred around 8 am.

A local said to Than Lwin Times, “A mother and his 3-year-old child were injured in the explosion near Revenue Office. The attack hit a nearby assorted bakery shop. Glass pieces from the shop injured the neck and body of the child. Both of them have been taken to Magway hospital,”

The Revenue Office is located in the north of recreation park and the market, and the attack occurred around 8 am when the area was crowded with people.

Battalion 4 of Minbu district stated that they attacked Revenue Office with a remote control mine, while the electricity office and police station was shot by 40-mm rockets.

The resistance force pardoned for their ineffective attack not to hit civilians, and they have not made an statement on the injuries of mother and child.

 The local anti-military force has also advised the locals to keep away from government offices, not to install CCTV unnecessarily and to deactivate the existing cameras, while they have plans to make more attacks on military council.

News- Than Lwin Times

Photo—Social Media


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