Thayetchaung, 19 October

At least 10 regime troops might have been killed when a military vehicle hit the landmine on the Ya Nge and Ka Dwe inter-village road in Thanintharyi township, reported the Dawei Battalion 2.

On the morning of October 17, a convoy of more than 50 troops leaving Ka Dwe village was attacked with a mine by the resistance fighters.

The attack triggered 30-minute combat in which the junta army sustained significant losses as the allied revolutionary forces gained the upper hand.

A military officer was among the 10 dead, while some sustained injuries, Dawei District Battalion 2 told Than Lwin Times.

The allied resistance forces detonated a military vehicle carrying the bodies of deceased soldiers again, and the number of victims is unknown.

The combined force of Dawei Battalion 2 (T5-Zone), One Bead Guerilla Force, and other urban guerilla forces launched the attack on the junta army, according to the statement.

After the incident, the suffering regime forces set fire to three houses in Ya Nge village.

According to regional research organizations, at least 50 battles took place in Tanintharyi throughout the month of September, with 69 soldiers killed.

News-Than Lwin Times

Photo- Dawei District Battalion 2.

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