Kyaukkyi, 19 October

The junta carried out four airstrikes on KNLA Brigade 3 in Kyaukkyi Township of Nyaunglaybin District On October 17, killing three KNLA comrades and one civilian, said the KNU.

The junta Air Force carried out four bombers and two gunship raids on the Kyauk Gyi Township’s villages of Kale Htoo, Ka Dee Su, and Pae Wah De in a single day.

The air assault destroyed three public housing units, one school, and three residential houses, and three KNLA comrades and one civilian were injured.

Three jet fighter jets bombed the villages of Kwi Lar, Htiyo Htaw Palaw, and Sae Baw De three times on the evening of October 17, and the junta also carried out two rounds of gunship. According to the KNU, the extent of the damage is still being investigated.

Airstrikes by the regime forced the local people from nearby villages to flee to safety, and Le Do High School, Khale Lwe Htoo Junior College, Le Wah and Kwi Lar Middle Schools, Pae Wah De Primary School, and Khaw Lo Kaloe Primary School were temporarily closed, the KNU said.

On October 16, three civilians, including two women, were injured when junta troops fired heavy weapons into Shwe Kyin Township, Nyaunglaybin District, according to KNU’s statement.

According to KNU, more than 200,000 people have been displaced by the shootings and human rights violations committed by junta troops targeting civilians in the 3rd Brigade area of Nyaunglaybin District, and they are still in need of humanitarian aid.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo: KNU

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