Mawlamyine, 21 October

The fighting between the two sides in Mon State may worsen as the open season is approaching, thus the state-based revolutionary forces have been warning the people to be extra cautious.

The National Unity Government (NUG) has set 2023 as the decisive year for the revolution, while the People’s Defense Forces (PDFs), including the revolutionary forces, are preparing to launch serious operations in the upcoming spring season.

On the other hand, the military council has escalated military preparations by equipping relevant battalions and camps with heavy weaponry in response to the revolutionary forces.

Ko Aye Min Tun, the official from PDF-Thaton District, “Since the military situation will intensify in the open season, we would like to warn the people to avoid the area where the regime forces are, to dig trenches, and to make barriers that will make them safe in advance.”

He added that while the junta army is using the people as human shields, the people should avoid traveling so as not to get caught in the middle of the fighting.

Nai Nagar, a spokesman for the Mon State Revolutionary Force (MSRF), said, ” the junta army is likely to carry out aerial bombing during the open season, so people are told to set up bomb shelters.”

Currently, the military council is gathering weapons and strengthening forces to fight against the revolutionary forces, and since the fighting will intensify soon, he added, the people should stock up on food and medicine in advance.

In addition, the military council has urged the people to move to a safe place if the military column invades, because houses may be burned, destroyed, and civilians arrested and killed during the fighting.

In Mon State, there were frequent clashes between the junta army and the revolutionary forces in Kyaikto, Belin, Thaton, Kyaikmaraw, Thanbyuzayet, and Ye townships after the coup.

According to research organizations, more than 200,000 residents have been displaced, and at least 100 civilians have been injured or killed.

News – Than Lwin Times

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