Mawlamyine, 24 October

Mon State, including its capital, Mawlamyine, has seen severe power outages this month, said locals.

The power cuts have only occurred in townships in recent months, but they are currently happening in Mawlamyine.

The military council announced that it will supply eight hours of electrical power to wards and village tracts every day, but people are now provided with only four hours.

Previously, power had been supplied for two hours at a time and cut for four hours; currently, it is provided for one and a half hours at a time and cut for six to eight hours.

“We get access to electricity for three hours a day, so we are facing difficulties. Power cuts cause delays in businesses, raise costs, and disrupt socio-economic life,” a Mawlamyine resident told the Than Lwin Times.

An SME entrepreneur also said that the electricity situation has gone back to 40 years ago, and they rely on generators to run their business.

Junta chief Min Aung Hlaing stated that power projects that were implemented ten years ago were halted for a variety of reasons, resulting in increasing demand for electricity.

The junta chief said during a meeting with union-level officials on August 8 that he is trying to generate electricity using solar energy, wind power, and rice husks to meet the demand for electricity.

Mon State has state-provided electricity in all townships except Ye, but under the military regime, they experienced severe electrical shortages similar to those in other regions and states.

Ye Township must pay up to 2,000 kyats per unit for power sold by a private electric distribution business amid rising fuel prices.

News-Than Lwin Times


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