Villager found dead under detention of junta in Thayetchaung


Tayetchaung, 27 October

A villager from Ya Nge in Tanintharyi Region’s Thayetchaugn Township was found dead after being arrested by the military, locals told Than Lwin Times.

Ko Nyi Nyi Ko’s body was buried near the seashore of Kywe Min Gon Village, and local residents found him because his leg was sticking out of the ground at around 6:30 a.m. on October 26.

Ko Nyi Nyi Ko’s hands were tied behind his back, and his entire head was crushed to death due to repeated beatings.

On October 21, after the military column entered Ya Nge village, three local residents, including Ko Nyi Nyi Ko, were arrested as human shields.

Two other locals detained alongside Ko Nyi Nyi Ko are also missing, raising concern among their families.

On that same day, regime troops that entered Ya Nge village arrested and killed two comrades of the People’s Defense Forces and three local residents.

According to FE5 Tanintharyi, an independent research group, 29 civilians were killed in Tanintharyi in September.

News-Than Lwin Times



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