The Three Brotherhood alliances, the Arakan Army (AA), the Ta’ang National Liberation Army (TNLA) and the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance (MNDAA), launched an offensive attack the Military Junta in northern Shan State after announcing Operation 1027.

In the 4 days from 27 to 30 October, after announcing the operation, nearly 70 military junta camps were captured, and some cities were also controlled.

This interview with CDM Air Force Captain Zay Thu Aung is about possibility of disintegration of the military council, the impacts on military and the blow of Operation 1027  to military council.

TLT  – Do you think that the Operation 1027 has been a serious threat to the collapse of military?

Captain Zay Thu Aung – The Operation 1027 may cause the breakdown of military junta. First, they have to deploy large forces to these areas.

Most of junta troops are currently fighting in respective frontline and their territories. They feel a lot of disappointment, depressed and toil. If all the ethnic groups fight them, it is difficult to control it. Every junta soldier knows it.

They will have the feelings that all ethnic groups have been included in revolution. Psychologically, they would have it in their minds, if they don’t die in this battle, another battle also awaits them and they will die.

Both their mentally and physically will be declined. It is possible that the military regime will collapse.

TLT – How much of an impact will this battle have on the military junta? Will happen loss of confidence among soldiers and can there be more fugitives and defection?

Captain Zay Thu Aung – Exactly, a huge upheaval within the military junta. Since earlier, soldiers have no confidence on their organization. Due to enticement on organizational religious bias, junta can still stand. Now, the battles are taking place throught the country. Currently, The Arakan Army (AA) also fights in the northern   Shan state.

They have not rage the battles in their own territory.  If the fights spread to this area, the war zone will expand again. All of the military junta troops have now all dispersed. I think that Junta’s soldiers will be disappointed on the ability of management and command of the senior officials in the battle, as they were so tired and no time to rest at the battle fields.

No crisis will happen if they did not stage the coup d’état. But many problems have been risen after the coup, leading to the sacrifices of lower-ranking soldiers and junior officers in nearly three years.

As time has passes, the junta soldiers are facing many battles. They would be surely killed now or then.  I think there will be a lot of dissatisfaction among junta leaders.

TLT – What do you think about the fact that the military junta was given advance notice that there would be an attack in northern Shan state, and they were attacked and the camps were seized suddenly?

Captain Zay Thu Aung – The key reason is that military junta’s camps have only less forces. They are protetcting the bases without  reinforcements. Currently, resistance forces are attacking  at  reinforcement routes. Even at such a time, soldiers must flee.  Otherwise, they would be killed.

Even if they received advance information, they could do nothing  because they don’t have enough forces. They didn’t think that the whole areas would be attacked. Unexpectedly the attacks happened in Lashio, where the regional military headquarters is located and their forces are fully deployed.

There was no way to reinforce their military camps, and that soldiers from frontline camps are also fleeing. Due to the lack of hope for reinforcement and depression, they were defeated in the battles. 

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