Gangaw,  6 November

After capturing police station, Min village in Ganggo Township, Magway region, the Junta troops of the South Khin Yan Police Station left the camp and fled, a member from the People’s Defense Force told Than Lwin Times.

On the night of last 3 November, the defense forces assumed that the junta troops might have left the camp for Pyusawhtee village in North Khin Yan to join them.

“They left since 7 o’clock last night. We are currently clearing the area. We are still chasing the people who ran away,” a member of local Defense Force told Than Lwin Times.

Although  South Khin Yan police station is far from the Min village police station occupied by the defense forces, they were likely to head to this areas being closer to  Kalay.

Locals said that about 40 members of the military junta were stationed at the South Khin Yan police station.

 While military Junta camps in the areas bordering Gangaw and Kalay are being attacked and occupied, the military junta is conducting airstrikes around the Kan village police station, today.

News – Than lwin Times

Photo – CJ

Caption –Minywa police station is set fire after it is controlled

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