MNDAA occupied three more military camps again in northern Shan


Kokang 6 November

The Kokang group MNDAA media announced that three military council camps in the Kokang Township of ​​northern Shan State were captured again in the morning of 4 November.

The three junta camps were attacked and occupied by the Kokang group MNDAA at around 10:00 am today, along with the video file.

However, the MNDAA has not given any detail information about the locations of these camps.  

On 3 November, the Kokang group occupied the Chong Par Gyint camp, Wan Ning Kuan Camp, Ximen Khai San camp and Kyan Kyar field camp.

The TNLA announced that they could seize four junta camps early 5 October morning.

In eight days since “Operation 1027” began, the three brotherhood alliances have captured at least 100 Military bases.

News—Than Lwin Times



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