“This major Operation 1027 will go beyond northern Shan state. We will be fighting until we reach our  goal for the public.”


Myanmar’s coup leader Senior General Min Aung Hlaing has announced that he will counter-attack and destroy the allied forces participating in Operation 1027, which is continuously occupying military junta camps.

Currently, within a week of the starting  Operation 1027, the allied forces have occupied at least 95 military junta camps in northern Shan State,  and four cities have been controlled, according to the Three Brotherhood Alliance.

The interview with the spokesperson of MNDAA, Li Kya Win, is about the current situation,  a response to the speech of coup leader for counter-attack, the current military situation, the surrender of military council troops and their message to the public.

TLT – What is the response of MNDAA to the coup leader’s statement that he will crush those involved in Operation 1027? What do you think it?

Li Kya Win: We have always noticed that the military junta will start counter-attack. We have fully prepared for it. 

TLT:  Major-General Zaw Min Tun, the spokesman for the military council, also said that the Operation 1027 in northern Shan state is nothing more than a problem between the families of the Kokang clans. How would MNDAA respond to this?

Li Kya Win: This is not at all. The Operation 1027 was not a battle between two clans as he said. The objective of this operation has been announced in the open letter which includes   the statement of our Three Brotherhood Alliance.  

TLT – How many military camps have been occupied until now? How many junta’s soldiers and battalion commanders have surrendered their weapons?

Li Kya Win – We have occupied about 95 camps. Chinshwehaw and Phong Sai cities have been completely controlled and occupied.  We have controlled some areas of  Hsenwi and Pangsai (Kyukoke). So we will  continue to fight them. Especially Kyukoke.

A few areas left to occupy in Kyukoke. More than 100 soldiers have surrendered to our forces.  

TLT – How is the military situation today? What kind of counter-attacks are already being carried out by the military junta? What is the status of heavy air strikes?

Li Kya Win – Our forces secured two more camps this morning. Two military bases in Kokang district. The military junta is responding airstrikes and heavy weapons now. And artillery attacking, air bombing, Delivery of people and weapons by air.

TLT – What do you think why the junta soldiers have seen great loss this week?

Li Kya Win –   Lower rank soldiers have realized the real situation. They have also understood that the junta leaders were destroying the country. That is my opinion, they found out that the entire public did not support the military junta at all, they lost their morale and did not want to resist strongly.

TLT – After the Operation 1027 has gained control over areas in northern Shan state, what message do you want to convey to the public for the end of the military dictatorship as it is the expectation of the entire public?

Li Kya Win: We would like to thank the entire public and all the various organizations that support our Three Brotherhood alliances, and request for further support and encouragement. The goal of our Operation 1027 has been stated in the open letter.

We are fighting to root out the military dictatorship that all the people expect, building a new genuine federal democratic union and eradicating the spread of online gaming that is causing harm to our citizens. This major Operation 1027 will go beyond northern Shan state. We will be fighting until we reach our goal for the public.”


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