Saw, 8 November

Mmilitary junta shot dead part-time Christian pastor U Man Kwi in Saw Township, Gangaw district, Magway region, residents told Than Lwin Times.

The incident was happened on 7 November morning, the military troops shot the pastor and other persons while passing through Saw township from Kanpalet township.

Two of them were shot and four were arrested by the military junta, resident said.  

“Junta soldiers shot them on the road. The father fell down first. Again, the son was shot when he tried to help his father. The other two were arrested.” A local told to the Than Lwin Times.

At present, due to the serious military tension in Saw, the local residents are leaving the city, and the military junta has informed the locals to leave their homes, the residents said.

 U Man Kui  died on the spot nd his son was injured on the neck and it is difficult to treat, reported by Yaw Alin Tan local news.

According to the Assistant Association for Political Prisoners, nearly 4,200 people have been killed by the military after coup.

News – Than Lwin Times

Photo – CJ

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