Kawkayeik, 9 November

Three regime troops, including a company commander, were killed when an unmanned aerial vehicle attacked a military council stationed inside a monastery in Kawkayeik, Karen State, said White Tiger column.

On the evening of November 7, the drone teams of the revolutionary forces launched at least six drone attacks on the Zina Thukha monastery where the soldiers were stationed.

A statement said that after three soldiers, including a company commander, from No. 97 Battalion were killed in a drone attack, the body was taken from the battalion overnight.

The military council’s battalions and camps in Kawkayeik are often bombarded by drones by the coalition of the drone forces, and the junta forces fire back with heavy weapons.

The exchange of fire between these two sides has resulted in civilian deaths and injuries, and in the past few days, five families were injured in artillery shelling in Kawkayeik.

On October 27 and 28, revolutionary forces attacked the military bases in Kawkayeik, sparking fierce battle.

News – Than Lwin Times Photo: White Tiger column

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